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Communication is a Force

Why, Hello

Telegraph is a small creative shop based in Dallas, TX with a passion for building gorgeous websites and memorable brands. We seek out starters, dreamers, and nonprofits because we want to be a part of your success story.

We join collective exploration, deliberate planning, elegant design, and industrious code to make your mark indelible.

Add a dash of curiosity and stir well.

Fistful of Projects

  • A Closer Look Buon Giorno Coffee

    Buon Giorno Coffee

    European Café & Roaster

    Product Brainstorming * Branding & Identity * Content Strategy * Packaging * Web & Mobile Design * E-Commerce Platform

  • A Closer Look Stadium Stock Exchange

    Stadium Stock Exchange

    Web App

    Brand Analysis * Branding & Identity * Ruby on Rails/FED Collaboration * User Interface Design Web & Mobile App Design (HTML5, CSS3, jQuery) * Responsive Web Development

  • A Closer Look Project Red Light Rescue

    Project Red Light Rescue

    Anti-Human Trafficking Campaign

    Product Brainstorming * Market Research * Content Strategy * Web & Mobile Design * Responsive Web Development * Mobile App Development

  • A Closer Look ANYMEAL


    Food & Conversation

    Platform Consultation * Content Management System (XML, XSLT, PHP, MySQL) * CMS Training & Support * Web & Mobile Design * Responsive Web Development

Telegraph Disciplines


  • Product Brainstorming
  • Market Research
  • Brand Analysis
  • Platform Consultation
  • Budget Planning
  • Content Strategy
  • CMS Training & Support
  • Insightful Analytics


  • Web Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Mobile Design
  • Mobile App Design
  • Branding & Identity
  • Packaging


  • HTML5, CSS3, jQuery *
  • PHP, MySQL
  • Content Management Systems
  • Responsive Web
  • Mobile App Development
  • E-commerce Platforms
*We employ Sass, HAML, Git, and more, so we can write code that's light as a feather & solid as a rock.

Method to Our Madness


First, we ask. We listen. We survey the landscape, deliberately seek inspiration, and gather data.


At the intersection of inspiration, innovation, and research, we draw up blueprints.


Joining our plans with your input, we refine our formula: isolate the essentials and amplify.


Whatever the medium or format, we always forge a structure that brings our work's caliber and integrity to light.


After careful review and testing, we give wings to your project and introduce it to the world wide web.


Shake hands and celebrate a job well done. Cheers for beers!

Lastly, Evaluate

A discerning eye keeps a sharp watch on the horizon. Our sites are sustainable but their longevity requires long term strategy; let's evaluate & innovate together.

Ready to get started? Let's talk.

Courtney Bradford

C urrent R eads: A Moveable Feast
by Earnest Hemmingway

Lindsey Bradford

C urrent R eads: Emerson's Essays
by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Photo compliments of Jason Roque

Courtney Bradford

Lindsey Bradford